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International Project

Connecting Classrooms International Project 2014-15

The children from Laira Green are taking part in a ‘Culture Box’ project with Kalika Primary School in Nepal. This forms part of our second project with our link school. Before Christmas, the children researched a British item that represented us or our way of life. Teachers collected the children’s ideas and voted on an item to be put into a box to go to Nepal with Miss. Bailey and Mrs. Norgate this week.  In Monday’s assembly this week we gathered and shared the items that would be put in.DSCF2817 Culture box items

Year 5/6 – Ash and Birch classes – artificial poppies

Year 5/4 – Hazel – a cookery book and a puzzle of Big Ben

Year 4/3 – Chestnut – a model of a Navy ship

Year 4/3 – Sycamore – Bertie the bus (from Thomas the Tank engine)

Year 2 – Dragonflies – Cornish pasty picture

Year 2 – Butterflies  – Light house model & picture

Year 1 – Caterpillars – Golden Coach photos x 2

Year 1 Fireflies  – Mini Cooper

Foundation – London Bus

When Miss. Bailey and Mrs. Norgate return from their trip they will be bringing back a culture box from Nepal. The classes will then be able to email each other over the next few months to find out  what the objects are, what they are used for and/or what they mean. This will be a fantastic way for the children to find out more about each other’s culture!





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