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Science in Hazel Class

Hazel have had some very exciting science lessons recently. One session, we were lucky enough to visit the allotment, accompanied by Jason. During our visit, we were able to look at the root and root hairs of a range of plants. We were also lucky enough to taste some cress which had been planted by children previously. After looking at roots of plants, we learnt about pot-bound plants which needed more space for their roots and to continue to grow.

In the next lesson, Jason visited the classroom to help us learn about photosynthesis. We found out that plants can make their own food! They need sunlight, water and a gas called carbon dioxide to make food and they also make oxygen that they do not need so they release it into the air. We started an experiment by taking the leaves off one basil plant and leaving them on another, we are going to measure them over the coming weeks to see which one grows more. We have predicted that the one with leaves will grow more, as it is able to make more food.

We also planted some mustard cress seeds, we planted some on tissue and some on soil. We are keeping them in our classroom and seeing how differently they grow.

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