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Year 1 Aquarium Visit

Aquarium Visit 07.01.15

The Year 1 classes kicked off the new term with a visit from the National Marine Aquarium. We felt that this would be a real WOW start to our new topic of mythical undersea worlds and creatures. The title of the presentation was ‘The Truth Behind Finding Nemo’ and it explored which parts of the film could have been true and which parts had been made up. The presentation was supported by real sea creature specimens throughout (not living ones!) which the children were allowed to touch and explore afterwards.

Fun facts that we learnt:

  • Dory is called the ‘number 6 fish’ because if you look at the fish’s markings it looks like a number 6. Dory also isn’t as sweet as she seems – the yellow part on her tail is hiding a sting!
  • The vegetarian sharks – unlike the film, sharks are most definitely meat-eaters!
  • Nemo and his dad are called ‘common clownfish’ but there are other types called the ‘tomato clownfish’ and the ‘black clownfish’ that looks like a zebra!
  • Starfish both eat and go to the toilet through their mouths! Yuck!

Our favourite parts were holding the turtle shell, the sharks jaws (some of us were even brave enough to put our heads in) and comparing different sized teeth – the biggest by far was that of a whale which had spiky bristles attached for the whale to filter its food.

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We had a fantastic learning experience and are looking forward to using what we learnt in our follow up work across a range of different subjects.


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