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History – Autumn Term 2014


During the Autumn terms the topic curriculum in years 1 to 6 had the over arching purpose of ‘How can we make a museum to show aspects of the history of Britain and the wider world?’ The teachers have worked hard to produce and deliver exciting history learning often linking it with other topic areas. I have put together some of the highlights of the history curriculum from this Autumn term, there has been so much it has been difficult to choose what to put in! I hope that you find the following interesting and that your children have enjoyed their learning.

In Key Stage 1 all of the classes have been looking at lives of significant individuals and Key events in British history with topics about Florence Nightingale and the improvements made to health care as a result of her efforts in the Crimean War. The second topic- The Great Fire Of London has involved the children thinking about a period of history long ago, questioning, finding reasons for how the fire spread and sequencing the events of the great fire. It has also included some super home learning models currently on display in the bottom corridor and a great class assembly too.


Our Year 3, 3/4, 4/5 classes have been looking at the lives of the Ancient Greeks, there have been some excellent assemblies to share learning about this with parents and the whole school . The teaching team have successfully incorporated this into cross curricular learning, for example, in English- reading, acting and writing Greek Myths and in art creating Greek masks. A very successful topic day involved the children and staff coming to school in Ancient Greek clothing and comparing aspects of Greek life from the past and present- the food tasting was a very popular activity!


In our year 5/6 classes there has been a ‘snapshot’ of various periods of history this term. As this current cohort have already studied Ancient Egypt further down the school the children have used this period of history as a stimulus for various curricular areas, for example, researching canopic jars, annotating and labelling them using research information and designing and making them in clay during their art sessions. A great ‘wow’ start for the next topic was provided by Clive Pig with his tales of Anglo Saxons and Vikings. The children have enjoyed researching evidence of Saxon and Viking life by looking at secondary sources to solve ‘mysteries of an Anglo Saxon grave’, they have used information texts t and descriptions to extract evidence and make their own drawings of Viking ships. There have even been huge maps drawn on the playground of journeys made to help understand the challenges that had to be overcome during this period of history. The classrooms have huge displays of the history learning- take a look one day after school.


As we near the end of the term the teachers will be involved in assessing the children against age related expectations in all of their foundation subjects. In addition to this it was fantastic to see the ‘end products’ of our learning in our pop up museum exhibiting in the lower hall this week. A big thank you to the staff and children for setting it up each day and to all of our visitors who came along.

The new curriculum has certainly provided a very exciting and varied start to the school year, we are looking forward to next term already. I will continue to update you with our history learning at the end of each long term. Don’t forget the city museum is a great place to explore various exhibitions. There is a Dartmoor Bronze age exhibit until 16th December which will be especially of interest for our Y3, 3/4, 4/5 classes for their topic later in the year. Take a look- free entry and a café for a few minutes ‘down time’ during the busy preparations for Christmas!


Lisa Hemingway


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