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Sycamore Class Visit the Allotment


Despite the shorter afternoon slot and the adverse weather conditions (we all got a bit damp!), Sycamore class marched up to the allotment this Wednesday for an extra special treat! They were the first class to meet our new chickens!

Even though it was raining they were out of their coop, scratching around while Jason told us about the start of their Laira Green life. They hadn’t taken long to get settled in and had even started laying eggs, which usually won’t happen until after a week or more! Jason is obviously very welcoming. We also sampled the last of the baby plum tomatoes that were in the poly tunnel before we cleared out the tomato plants to compost them.

We also got our hands nice and dirty by digging holes with spades and planting handfuls of bluebell bulbs, which will make the far end of the allotment area (by the orchard) look stunning in spring.

We then had a brief introduction to the four new additions to the chicken coop, some very grand looking hens. They immediately started trying to establish their idea of ‘the pecking order’ and there were quite a few feathers flying, much pecking and flapping of wings as the new chickens clashed with the others. We were assured that this was quite normal and that the chickens would soon all be comfortable living together.

A thoroughly enjoyable, if moist, afternoon!

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