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Ladybirds visit to the Allotment

Wednesday 1.10.14


Ladybirds class visited the allotment today with Jason and Mr. Blake.

They stumbled on some rather large pumpkins which gave them the opportunity to practise their counting! (Ten in all) Next, Jason took us down to the polytunnel  to look at the tomatoes, peppers, melons and chillies growing! When Jason fetched his wheelbarrow the children and poured soil in it. The children then set about filling small plant pots for Jason to plant out winter pansies for our school hanging baskets. They will be ready later in the autumn.

One of the children picked up a very unusual carrot that looked like four carrots twisted around each other!  Then,  Jason pulled up an enormous carrot!    After planting, the children were able to enjoy a slice of allotment-grown melon – it was delicious! Our visit continued with a look at the apple trees in the orchard.  Jason explained how he is planning to grow some multi-variety apple trees when the area has been cleared.

Finally, we walked through the lower allotment to visit some chickens and the children gave them some dandelion leaves to eat. The class took the enormous carrot back to school to show Miss Bailey and they are planning to try tasting it to see if allotment-grown tastes best!

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