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Year 2 Dragonflies Miss Roomes 2014- 2015

Summer 2015

Dragonflies Class went to the park for an afternoon as a reward for all their hard work during the SATs! We played games such as; stuck in the mud and duck, duck goose, in French! We sat in the sun and ate some scrumptious rocket ice lollies, YUM!

Maths in Dragonflies Class June 2015


In Maths we have been learning some new dice games to help with our mental arithmetic. We have learnt to play ‘Odds wins’ and ‘Race to zero’. We love playing the Maths games as they are good fun and we learn to subtract in our heads!

Challenge chair-

In Year 2 we now have the Challenge chair. We have been given eight challenges to complete by the end of the year. It is really exciting because we get to sit in the teacher’s chair! Also, we put on Harry Potters magic cloak and glasses, it makes us feel really clever. If we complete the challenge, we get to pull a PARTY POPPER! WOW!

Paignton Zoo- May 2015

On Monday 18th May 2015 we went on a school trip to Paignton zoo. First, we travelled by coach, it took a long time!

Once we arrived we put our rucksacks in a safe place and walked into the Education Centre. After that, a lady, called Lisa, gave us a lesson on the rainforest and the different animals found in each layer. At the end of the lesson, we were allowed to touch the animal skeletons, it was very exciting!

Then, we had lunch in the Picnic area, my lunch was scrumptious! In my lunch box I had a tuna sandwich, crunchy apple, crumbly biscuit and orange juice.

Later on, we went to see the monkeys because they are my favourite animal. The monkeys were funny, hairy and VERY loud! They were swinging quickly from the ropes and playing together. Two of the monkeys started to fight because the mother was trying to protect her tiny baby. If you watched closely, you could see how angry she was.

A little bit later, we went on the shiny, blue train but we had to make sure our arms were in the carriage at ALL times so we didn’t get hurt. The train lasted for around five minutes, I really enjoyed the train because it took us around the huge pond and we could see all of the different birds such as stalks, pelicans and flamingos.

A few hours later, we walked through the hot, steamy Reptile centre, it was like walking through a real rainforest. As we walked through, we saw dwarf crocodiles, turtles and snakes. Cautiously, I peered through the class at the dwarf crocodile, I thought it wasn’t alive because it was as still as a scarecrow. Suddenly, it winked at me! I shouted to Michael “He’s alive!” Michael reassured me that the glass was thick so we were safe.

After that, we saw some interesting vertebrates among them were giraffes, elephants and zebras. The giraffe was as tall as the Eiffel tower. Sadly, it was time to go home so we had to walk quietly back to the coach.

Finally, we arrived back at school and we were exhausted! My favourite part of the day was looking at the monkeys because they were funny and made me laugh. I would love to go back to the zoo one day!

 Music in Dragonflies Class

Dragonflies and Butterflies used garage band to create a backing track
and and then recorded a poem over the top.

Geography March 2015

In Geography we have been looking at our Local area. We walked around the area and talked about the types of houses, jobs in the community, transport and local amenities.

Dragonflies Allotment Visit – March 6

This week we put a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of some of our Year 2 pupils. Dragonfly class were to be responsible for the first update of the allotment this season. We did so much work! The children discussed the correct way to carry, store and use tools and became the first models for our ‘Allotment Rules Book’. Using these tools the children spent some time meticulously raking and turning over soil, looking for weeds, carrots which had been infected with wire worm and making the beds look nice and tidy. Some of the children even had the opportunity to feed some fat, juicy worms to our noisy chickens. They love a juicy worm or two! After the beds were prepared the children each speared half a potato with a long cane and took turns in placing them deep into the beds. We did this so that the nasty little wire worms which destroyed our carrot crop this year would start feeding on the potatoes and then Jason can go along, remove the potatoes and feed those worms to the chickens too! Hopefully our carrot beds will be back up and running soon!

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We have been learning about Forces such as; pushing and pulling. Last week we had a challenge to push and pull plasticine to make the tallest tower. Our second challenge was to make the longest snake! It was very tricky to measure using the metre rulers but we got there in the end.

Maths 3D Shape Walk!


We have designed and made our own Alien puppets. First, we drew our designs and decided who we were making our puppet for. Then, we looked at a variety of ways to joins materials and made our puppets. Finally, we evaluated our puppets.

Fairtrade March 2015

This week we learnt about Fair trade and where cocoa beans come from. The children talked about why it is good to buy Fair trade products. Then we made our own fruit kebabs covered in melted chocolate, YUMMY!

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Science and Maths – February 2015

In Science we have been learning about Forces. We have looked at pushes and pulls, gravity and friction. The children have taken part in experiments to answer two questions ‘Does the surface affect the distance a car travels?’ and ‘Does the height of the ramp affect the distance a car travels?’

In Maths we have been looking at collecting data. We were trying to answer the question ‘What is the most common shoe size in our class?’ We collected the data and recorded it on a Tally chart. Then we looked at our information and drew a bar graph to show the results.

In Maths we have started looking at shape.  Firstly, we identified the 2D shapes and discussed their properties. Then we sorted the shapes into different groups.

Some children went on a shape hunt around the school to find 2D shapes and others started to look at right angles!

Dragonflies have really enjoyed their first few lessons on shape and are looking forward to learning more later this week.

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KS1 Storyteller Feb 2015

Key stage one really enjoyed the story teller on Thursday. The children watched a performance and took part in workshops.

Dragonflies Letter to Nepal

Dear Kalika Primary School,

We are Dragonflies and we are all in Year 2. There are 21 children in our class. How many children are in your classes?

In our class we have a ‘Reading Corner’. There is a bright yellow and red tent, blue spotty bean bags and some very comfy chairs! We really enjoy reading in the tent because it’s relaxing and fun. Do you have a ‘Reading Corner’?

Our favourite subjects in school are; Maths, P.E, Literacy, Design Technology and Art. In Maths this term, our target was Subtraction! We know SO MANY different words for subtraction; minus, difference between, take away, subtract and less.

Have you learnt how to subtract?

Our Literacy topic is ‘Fantasy Stories’, we’ve written some of our own. Miss Roomes says the most imaginative stories are the best! It has been really fun writing about aliens in space. At the moment we are reading the story of ‘The Snow Dragon’, we LOVE it! We act out the story with Miss Roomes, there are lots of funny actions. We are going to write the story in our special writing books this week, Miss Roomes likes it when we use WOW words! Do you use WOW words?

In Design technology we are making Alien puppets! Firstly, we designed our puppet and discussed who we would like to make it for. Now, we have started making them but they aren’t as easy as we first thought! We are SO excited to finish them and take them home.

It is extremely exciting at the end of each week because Miss Roomes chooses one person to achieve ‘Star of the Week’, we have to work super hard to get it! One lucky person is awarded with a big, shiny sticker, a prize and can take home one of our class Meerkats for a whole weekend! Over the weekend we write about the activities we have done with the Meerka,t and draw pictures or take photos. Then on Monday we read it out to the whole class. Do you have star of the week?

We hope you have enjoyed reading our letter and we would love to hear back from you!


Dragonfly class

Music in Dragonflies Class – January 2015 

Dragonflies have been learning about the planets.  To help with their writing project, they decided to learn a song about the order of the planets.



In R.E Dragonflies watched the story of ‘David and Goliath’. The children retold the story through Drama and discussed bravery. We then wrote about a time when we have felt brave.

ICT and Maths

In ICT and Maths Dragonflies have been learning about position, direction and movement.  The children have directed each other around the hall and playground.  In addition to this, they have used Beebots and Romas to learn about half and quarter turns.

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English Lessons

In English we are looking at the story of ‘The Snowman’. The children watched the film then retold the story using actions. In Dragonflies ‘Talk for writing’ has been a great success! Through story maps, acting and talking the children have been able to retell stories verbally and in writing. Their writing has really improved, we are very proud of them.

Our Class Assembly December 2014

Here are some photographs from the excellent class assembly by Dragonflies Class

Children in Need November 2014

For ‘Children in Need’ Dragonflies Class worked together to get as many pennies as we could to fill our Pudsey face. We also dressed up as superheroes! Even Quinn’s teddy dressed up as a superhero.

Mummy Wrapping in Dragonflies Class October 2014

On Halloween Dragonflies had a mummy wrapping competition!

No Pens Day Wednesday – October 2014

Here are some more photos from No Pens Day Wednesday. It was great to see so many children engaged in their learning through performance poetry, a range of drama activities, music and cookery to name but a few!  Well done Laira Green for not using pencils!

Mrs Cornish

Dragonflies Allotment and visit to Efford Valley

Miss Roomes, Mrs Jessep and Mr Blake spent on an exciting morning with Jason in the allotment and in Efford Valley this Wednesday. We were fascinated by the different stages of growth of a broad bean and just how much they changed colour! We collected seeds from dead flower heads, being very careful to remove the tough husk. Jason took us along to the orchard where we talked about the cooking apples. The children were each given a juicy apple to take home, we would love to know if anyone cooked anything tasty!

Soon we were joined by Ms Bailey and some esteemed guests who were visiting the allotment after it had won a Plymouth in Bloom award. The children also had their photo taken by a photographer for the Evening Herald, along with some HUGE pumpkins.

When we visited Efford Valley we needed to start hunting. For leaves that is! The children were given a sheet of different tree leaves which they found in the Valley. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm which was displayed by the class, they’ve even taken some of the skills back into the playground to identify what we have there. Dragonflies also had the opportunity to go on a different kind of hunt. Jason set us the challenge of finding some specific seeds and fruits with the task of matching them to the correct tree or plant. We could find the Holly and the Beech nuts but it wasn’t until we returned to school that we found the conkers and our very own Horse Chestnut tree!

English and Cooking in Year 2

In English we have been reading the story of ‘The gingerbread man’. The children have retold the story using a story map, written letters to the fox and made their own gingerbread men.

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RE September 2014

In R.E we listened to the story of the Prodigal son. The children worked together in groups of three to act out the story then they peer assessed each other saying what they thought was good and what they needed to improve.


This half term we have been looking at the life of Florence Nightingale including; why she was famous, what she got rid of and brought in to the hospital and how she helped the soldiers. The children acted out what happened in the hospitals and used medical bandages to heal and protect the soldier’s wounds.

September 2014

During our R time sessions we have been focusing on team work. The children have worked with a different partner each session to create or draw something such as; draw a straight line, create a face using play dough and to make a patterned tower.


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