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Foundation 2013 – 2014

Take a look at the photographs and learning journeys below – taken while we were in Reception in 2013 – 2014:

Foundation visit Pennywell Farm – July 2014

Foundation children visited Pennywell farm again this year. We had lovely weather and the children got to meet lots of animals and help to feed them e.g. goats, pigs, guinea pigs, ducks, hens, deer, ponies, sheep, horses, hedgehog. They also saw a puppet show of ‘Chicken Licken’. After a picnic lunch we had the chance to do some ‘pond dipping’ where the children caught tadpoles, newts, baby dragonflies and pondweed! We had a lovely day and thanks to our parent helpers for making it special!

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Science Week in Foundation – June 2014

Wow! What an exciting week for us. We started off with ‘Physic Nick’ who got us involved in some fantastic friction experiments- firing rockets, giant hands, the battle of the plungers and even a hover board!

We used our current topic focus of ‘animals that we know’ and did a cooperative construction challenge to build a home for a chosen animal. We really stretched our thinking skills with the ‘are elephants scared of mice?’ challenge- some great ideas as to how we could test that!

We had a super visit to the Life Education caravan with the theme’ all about me’- Julie, the Life Caravan teacher said that she thought we had lots of doctors in the making! We also met Harold the puppet who taught us lots of things.

Mr George kindly brought in his unusual pet tortoise ‘Taboo’ to visit and we found out some very interesting facts about her. Some of us even picked her up- she was quite heavy.

We ended the week with another wow investigation with eggs- perhaps your children can tell you about it.

Thank you to Mrs Marvin, Physic Nick, Julie from the LEC and Mr George for their input this week. We had lots of fun.

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Foundation conducted an investigation thinking that an egg couldn’t fit through the neck of a jar. Using the power of heat and a reduction in air pressure, we amazed to discover that the egg was sucked down in to the jar! We also saw it sucked up, as if defying gravity! WOW!

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The Community Foundation Band – June 2014

The summer term topic is Community Matters.  We have made a ‘Community Foundation band’ with Mr George to play on our outside bandstand.


The Foundation Orchestra!

Last term Foundation were learning all about orchestras in music.  We made up our own using percussion instruments.

Foundation Gardening Afternoon

On Friday 13th June 2014, many parents came to help us tidy the reception garden, clearing weeds and debris and planting some new flowers and plants.  Some children made garden decorations with ribbons and sticks and others made some plant labels. Jason (from the allotment) came down to help us too – giving us lots of advice and help. It was a fantastic sharing experience for the children and we had the most glorious weather! Thank you to all the parents who helped and Jason – you made it a very special afternoon!

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Bumblebees visit the allotment – June 2014

Bumblebee class went to the community allotment on Wednesday morning and had a lovely time. The weather was quite bright and we had the opportunity to taste some peas we helped plant earlier in the year (fresh from their pods!) and also some juicy strawberries. We also planted a pumpkin plant, with all of the children taking a turn to help dig the hole! Bumblebees also had the chance to experience the school’s new polytunnel all weather learning space and see the young peppers, melons, cucumbers and basil! Jason has been working extremely hard to look after the allotment and if you’re part of our local community you can also go up and help out too!

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The Commandos visit Reception! June 13 2014

Following on from our topic about ‘ People who help us’, Mrs Bonds’ husband kindly offered to come in to talk to the children about his job as a Royal Marines Commando. He spoke about his day to day job of helping to make young recruits fit enough to do their jobs, the different sorts of equipment he has to wear and use as part of his job, where he works and where he has had to work around the world (even in the jungle and the desert!).  We also learnt how his unit get moved around to where they are required. Mr Bonds was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with the children and the children certainly enjoyed trying on different bits of his equipment!

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Ladybirds Assembly – Summer Term 2014

Based around the topic of growth and change. Lots of lovely drama and songs, displaying and sharing the children’s learning.

May 16 2014 Hello! More photos to show you some of our learning this term. Lots of wonderful music with Mrs Buckingham and Mr George, playing instruments, conducting and we even played ocarinas this week!

We started the term by looking at lifecycles then we investigated eggs, observing and handling (lots of breakages!) different types and changes when cooking them. We have looked at fruit and vegetables that we can buy in the shop. We used them to make some imaginary creatures, we had a vegetable shop, tasted exotic fruits and did some healthy eating activities. Lots of lovely maths work too- playing games and buying fruit and vegetables with money.

We hope that this lovely weather stays so that we can do lots more outdoor leaning soon.

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Ladybirds at Forest School May 2014

Despite a very wet start to the day, Ladybirds Class had a lovely morning . At the allotment we put the peas that Chestnut Class had sowed into the ground. We looked at the new polytunnel and we were its first visitors! In Efford Valley we played 1 2 3, Where are you? and we made Forest Friends.

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Pamper Afternoon – April 2014 A big thank you to all the mums and nans that came to our pamper afternoon. What an enjoyable way to spend a Monday afternoon- hand massages, decorated buns, painted nails, paper flowers and colourful pictures. It was lovely for you all to come in and see some of the resources that the children use in school too. We hope that you had a nice time and hope to see you when we do our gardening afternoon next term!

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21st March, 2014

As part of our ‘Storytelling’ theme, this week the children have been looking at the story of Cinderella. Earlier in the week Mr. Blake found a beautiful slipper in the playground ant the children took the beautiful slipper around the school, asking the adults if it would fit! (See photos).

The  children practised dance steps and we talked about the waltz. Finally we held a ball in Ladybirds class this afternoon and the children all joined in with the dancing!

March 2014

To finish our Storytelling topic we have used the stories of Cinderella and Red Riding Hood.

We enjoyed trying to find out whose foot fitted the slipper- take a look at these funny photos. We have been involved in lots of drama linked to Red Riding Hood, we even went to Efford valley woods to do some acting and drawing!

Luckily we didn’t bump into any wolves!…..

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World Book Day March 2014

For World Book Day the children in Foundation dressed up as their favourite character.  We had lots of fun pretending to be Spiderman, Batman and Fairy Princesses, amongst others. You can see some of the colourful costumes in the photos below.

Foundation- Spring 1- more stories and story telling!

Since our last post we have covered Jack and the beanstalk after enjoying the pantomime that came to school. We looked at different seeds and how some of them grow, role playing, dressing up as the characters- all great fun!

Next we moved onto the 3 Billy Goats Gruff- the photos show lots of bridge climbing in PE on the apparatus, we also built our own bridges from construction, made masks and used the puppets to make our own Billy Goat stories. We put Billy goats into fields for our maths and made some giant Billy Goats too!

We also looked at some modern stories with a similar theme of losing something. Where’s the bear? and Going on a Bear Hunt started us off and we explored movements from these stories in PE. We painted teddies and played teddy number games. We also enjoyed the stories of ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Elmer’.

Just before half term the whole school had a mini topic on the Winter Olympics. We really enjoyed watching clips of these fantastic sports men and women, we found out that the Winter Olympics are held in countries that have cold weather so we explored ice cubes, ice balloons and white textures- messy but we used lots of super words and could test ideas out. We mixed cold colours adding white to see how much lighter we could make them. Finally we had a toys winter Olympics on the last day, making Junk model sledges for our toys, using slopes to do some toy ski jumping to see who went the furthest!

We hope that you had a lovely half term break. We have started the new term with the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and have now moved onto Superhero stories.

We hope that you like our new look foundation playground- the children certainly do!

26 Feb 2014 Forest School Visit

It was a lovely day for the Grasshopper class  to have their first trip to Forest School. At the allotment, Jason showed us the orchard where some of the trees were nearly ready to burst into blossom.Spring must be on its way! Then we sowed some spinach and basil seeds. We hope they grow! After that we  walked a long way to Efford Valley where we made Forest friends.

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The New Foundation Garden February 2014

The children waited patiently for three days for the new playground to be completed.  They asked the builders lots of questions and were very excited when they saw they had a new bridge!

All the staff were very impressed by how the children lined up and waited for their turn to play.
The new features will help with their balancing and physical development.
Dylan – ‘It’s really good!  I like the bridge and jumping!’
Tusher – ‘ It is really good fun. I love the bridge and and I love to jump!’
Riley – ‘ I like the posts where you can balance!’

Bumblebees forest school visit Wednesday 22nd Jan

It was the first visit to the allotment and Efford Valley for Bumblebee class. Jason welcomed us to the allotment and talked about plants and why nothing is growing at the moment because its winter. We looked for signs of spring and found some daffodil bulbs just starting to grow. In Efford Valley we made forest friends and dens for them. It was very muddy! We did get rained on a bit but really enjoyed our morning.

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Little Red Hen January 2014

We have made a very good start to our storytelling topic. Our trip to the theatre was a

great ‘wow’ start to our topic. The children enjoyed the production and it has stimulated a lot of discussion and follow up work in school. Thank you to Finn and Lola’s mums who came along to help.

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As well as reading the big book of The Little Red Hen, we have been retelling the story verbally and making story maps. We have been looking at some of the characters in the story too. We have been finding farm animals hidden in and around the unit and spelling their names and role playing the story with masks. We have also used salt dough to make hen shapes and have seen how it changes when we baked it in the microwave. We have decorated them with paint. We have looked at feathers and have made line drawings of them. We also looked carefully at Chagall’s Red Rooster painting to find out what we could see. We then tried to copy the style by printing on a rooster shape and later made our own decorative feathers, selecting colour pastels to decorate another rooster. It is on display in the top corridor- take a look. We have also been looking at bread making in music and making our own music with percussion to tell the order of making the bread! We also enjoyed tasting different types of bread and recorded which ones we liked best. We have been using our Numicon during our maths lessons to count, find one more or one less and for addition activities. Lots of fun and learning!

December 2013

Foundation Celebrations – Autumn Term 2

Another busy term in foundation! This term we have been involved in the whole school topic of ‘celebrations’. We started with Bonfire Night and fireworks, we heard a simple version of the reason why we celebrate on November 5th and learnt various firework counting songs, made junk model fireworks, painted firework pictures using various techniques and even made an edible sparkler!

A Baptism – December 2013

As part of our celebrations topic, the children went to visit St. Mary’s Church to act out the Christening of one of our dolls with Father Trevor. The children chose the name of the baby by voting and the key roles were awarded to the children by drawing names out of a hat.  The children enjoyed the whole experience of visiting the church and even had a chance to ring the church bells!

A visit from the dentist November 2013

The reception and Year 1 children found out a lot during their dental talk this week. They learnt all about foods that contain sugar which can be bad for our teeth and when to eat these foods. They also had a story about a giant who ate too many sweets in between his meals. They sorted foods that were good and bad for teeth, putting them into some giant mouths. They met Alex the crocodile who showed them how to clean teeth well and how fluoride is applied. Very good listening and participation-well done everyone!

Foundation Topic Activities October 2013

What a busy few weeks in foundation! We are really enjoying our whole school topic. A big thank you to everyone who has helped with the home learning projects- we have a fantastic display in the unit of all of the lovely work that you have produced. Here is a little overview of our topic activities: Under the sea We used  some lovely stories (Commotion in the ocean, Tiddler and Rainbow fish) as stimuli. Lots of wonderful vocabulary and retelling of the stories from the children. We used malleable materials to make under the sea creatures, decorated our own rainbow fish, role played with the under the sea masks, expanded our vocabulary with an under the sea bingo game, made fish biscuits- yummy, counted and matched with our magnetic fish game, explored movements of different sea creatures and used ICT to draw under water pictures.

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Up in the air We used the story ‘After the storm’ to start our week, exploring the weather.  We continued using the popular ‘Percy the park keeper’ stories to look at the natural world, for example, animals and birds and changes that Autumn brings. We looked at the similarities and differences between different types of trees, their leaves and seeds and how they are dispersed, we made our own paper sycamore seeds and tested how well they ‘flew’, we used the woodland puppets for role play and used the story ‘Owl babies’ to look at creatures that fly and their habits. Space The Jill Murphy book ‘Whatever Next’ started our focus this week with baby bear making his own space rocket and flying to space with his teddy and friend the owl. Lots of great vocabulary and retelling of the story. We imagined that we were going to space and made our own picnic lists. We explored weight with moon rocks (well pebbles wrapped in foil!), We made some wax resist space pictures (learning to mix powder paints), we did some imaginative space role play, we looked at non fiction space books, we made models of space vehicles using  range of construction kits and even had a space pod to play in! 7.10.13 - 16.10.13 004 In the sky For our final week we will be looking at other flying creatures using fiction books such as the hungry caterpillar (who changes into a butterfly) and non fiction books related to lifecycles. We will add the photos at the end of next week. We hope that you enjoy the photos posted. You will see lots more of your child’s photos in their learning journeys when we have parent’s evenings after the half term. Best Wishes The Foundation Team


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