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Science Week

During science week in July 2014, the children had a visit from Fizz Pop science workshops, who showed us lots of amazing science (including hover boards and big bangs!) and some of us made our own gooey putty to take home!

Ash and Birch become forensic investigators and had to use forensic science to find out what happened to Mrs Cawse and catch the culprit! They compared soil samples, looked at fingerprints and found other clues left at the scene of the crime. Mr Roe was seen around school looking very guilty…!

Hazel class were stranded on a desert island, trying to survive.  they had to cook food, clean water and make boats, all with very limited supplies. I’m pleased to say that they did make it off the island at the end of the week! they also turned an egg into a blue bouncy ball and experimented with what happens when you add washing up liquid to milk and food colouring. We had quite a messy week!

Sycamore class were studying habitats and learnt about where different animals live and why, and went to observe some bee habitats in our local community. They also had fun making magic potions in class.

Year 1/2 were learning all about sound and carried out many investigations throughout the week. they made ear muffs, telephones and hand pipes.

Foundation had their first proper look at the scientific method, introducing technical vocabulary like hypothesis and prediction and coming up with some really good ideas about what they thought would happen during our investigations. They were really engaged in the myth that elephants were scared of mice and discussed how we could test such a hypothesis and what we thought might happen. After watching a video on the discovery channel we found out that it could be true! We saw an elephant shy away from a mouse on two separate occasions! We also learnt a bit about air pressure and how strong a force it was, sucking an egg into a jar! Add that to the visit to the life caravan and then Mr George’s visit with his tortoise Taboo, and the kids had a great week!

Please see the Science week section and class pages for photos of all the learning that took place and all the fun that was had!


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