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Pupil Voice – Science Week

Here are some comments from the children about ‘Science Week’ this year:

‘We loved Science week.’

‘It was great to not have so much to write about.’

I liked not having to take hours to do an experiment – just diving in.’

Exploding Coke was awesome!

‘Our flowers didn’t work – but I might try at home.’

I used to not like science that much but I love it now!’

‘I loved making goo with Physic Ian!’

‘We turned an egg blue and bouncy, then we watched it splat! The yoke was still yellow!’

‘I didn’t know that bees hovered, now I’ve seen one close up.’

‘Gosh, that’s how bees pollinate.’

During science week I was inspired by Fizz Pop Science. I learnt a lot of stuff about science.’

‘During the Fizz Pop science workshop we got to make our own putty, it was exciting!’


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