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Year 4/3 Forest Schools visit

On Wednesday 18th September class Year 4/3 (Mrs Gaskells class) had a very interesting and fun morning with Forest Schools . Clad in wellies and wet weather coats we climbed the steps to the allotment.   When we arrived Jason told us how to identify carrots by their leaves and we learned that carrots were originally purple.

Jason spoke to us about sweetcorn and beetroot! We learnt a lot about the different ways of cooking vegetables. Did you know you can roast beetroot?


A small shower of rain passed as we walked to Efford valley..what a view!  Mrs Black pointed out the landmarks as we walked , so we all knew where we were.  In the woods we went on the trim trail and then identified and collected deciduous and evergreen leaves.We walked to the orchard to see the apples which are almost ready for picking. They would  make a fantastic crumble with the nearby blackberries.

We got very wet in the allotment and in the orchard, but by the time we arrived at the forest school the sun was shining and we all had a great time! The sun came out and warmed us on our way back to school. What a fabulous morning and thank you to all who helped us.  

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