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Museum Week 2012.

Another super museum week! Many thanks to Rob Longworth from the museum in transit team who spent most of the week at Laira Green. The children had an introductory assembly about the City Museum and Art Gallery and Rob set up a mini exhibition in our entrance hall. During the week museum ‘mystery objects’ were circulated to each classroom for the children to guess their uses.

Rob provided sessions with most of the year groups:

Years 1 and 2- Florence Nightingale

Year 3- The Romans

Year 3/4- World War 2

Year4/5- The Ancient Greeks

Year 5/6- Using primary sources

The children handled artefacts and had challenges set.

We finished the week with a final assembly, sharing our challenges and the mystery objects were revealed!

Take a look at the top corridor-there are lots of photos and work linked to the week.

Many thanks to Rob and the children who volunteered their help- a very successful week.

Lisa Hemingway



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