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Laira Green Primary

Classroom to the Moon Challenge 2018

For Walk to School month, PCC are aiming, collectively, to walk for 79,000 hours. This is the time it would take for one person to walk to the moon. The Classroom to Moon Challenge runs from Monday 1st October – Friday 2nd November and is a competition as well as a unifying whole-city challenge.


We are in the small school category. If we clock up the most minutes in our category, we will win a visit from the mobile planetarium Space Odyssey. Second prize is bike or scooter storage from Scooterpods.


The Classroom to Moon Challenge starts with an inter-school walking relay. ‘Astro Mo’ the  mascot will walk with us.  We will be sending out some of our pupils to greet the walking party and walk to Lipson Vale.

As a fun and creative addition, we were asked to make a  ‘Friendship Flag’ to present to the next school during the walk.

Here are some examples of the children's work.