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A 2017 Overview of Allotment News from Jason

This month the children have been incredibly busy on the allotment helping.

They helped sieve the soil and then make up some topsoil to put into the ground all ready for the plants to be planted, they helped prepare the ground for planting tomatoes and got stuck into digging holes and eating some really healthy Courgettes which they helped cook! They can honestly say that the food couldn’t be any fresher as the courgettes were harvested and cooked on the allotment just moments after they were picked.
The poly tunnel is all planted up and everything is starting to take off, we have already had Year 1 munching on the cucumbers this past week and everyone could taste the difference from the ones from the supermarket. The melons and tomatoes are still to come and after last years success of growing Aubergines we are now growing a much bigger batch and will be looking forward to cooking Mousakka like we did last year with year 6.
There will be some food produce for sale in the playground over the next few weeks and the children will be selling some plants for you to grow at home at the school fair on Saturday 8th July.
The Community Hub and Outdoor Classroom is just about finished! It has been a big job to get the ground done and the building up and thanks to some amazing locals of the community we are finally close to completion, the opening will be soon and we will let all the parents know as soon as the date is fixed.
We will keep you updated with the progress of the allotment as we build up to the summer break, it’s going to be an amazing year for food at Laira Green Primary School.