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Laira Green Primary

Maple Year 3

Hello and welcome to the website page for Maple Class. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

The class teacher is Mr Bright.  He is supported in class by Miss Hanna. 

Keep an eye on the news section and this page for updates on what we are doing in school, and extra activities that you and your children can do together at home.  

Scroll down to see some of the exciting work we have been doing.

Click here to see the curriculum overview for the year and termly leaflets.

Curriculum overview 2017/8 (A)

Yr 3/4 Termly Leaflet - Summer 2018


The Lighthouse

Our most recent writing project has been based on a short film called 'The Lighthouse'.

Click on the link below to watch the film and find out what has inspired our writing. 

The Lighthouse on the Literacy Shed website


If you're looking for an exciting story, then read Robin's work!

The Lighthouse Accident by Robin

Once there was a foggy, moonless sky.  An isolated, dusty lighthouse was on the hill.  The radiant light was booming out onto the black ocean. 

The lighthouse was on an unstable, dangerous cliff.  It had a steep edge.  At the bottom there were jagged rocks next to the black waves. 


Meanwhile, back in the joyful town, people didn't go out into the unseeable mist.  Instead they cheered by the light of the lighthouse.  They cheered so loudly, it echoed through the unseeable mist. 


Above the nice village, next to the cliff, on the ninth floor, a grumpy lighthouse keeper was writing the lighthouse rules.  Soon the noise of laughter bumped into the dark lighthouse.  The lighthouse keeper didn't like laughter but another laughter burst into the room.  The furious lighthouse keeper slammed as hard as he could the window.  


But as he did there was a crunch and a squeak and a thud.  It jumped the lonely lighthouse keeper.  

"What was that?" he wondered.  His mind whirled.  He dashed up the stairs.  The rumble was getting louder and louder until it all went silent.


At the top the lightness was fading.

"That was strange," he thought until he understood the whole thing.  He screamed but no sound came out. 

"The machinery must have caught in something," murmured the lighthouse keeper.


He tried to fix it but as he started a ginormous, big hum echoed through the silent lighthouse.  

Instantly, he reached for his rusty, cobwebbed toolbox and carried the bulb to put down and fix but... SMASHHHHH!  The bulb was smashed into hundreds of glittering fragments on the creaky floor. 

He sat up and thought it was over but it was too late! A ship was five seconds away from the jagged rocks. 

He sprang to his feet and raced down the stairs and pulled the wooden handle. He peeked out to sea.  The ship was one second from the rocks. 


He recognised a dot of light growing.  More were coming.  He thought it was...

"The villagers!" he said.  They all clambered up the stairs and held their lanterns out to stop the ship.  

They were just in time.



 Learning with the new Chrome Books

Maple really enjoyed learning with the new Chrome Books.  Everyone was able to explore coding without having to share a computer!  




Maple Class Mosaics

Oak, Apple and Maple classes worked with an artist to create these wonderful mosaics. We really enjoyed choosing our colours and carefully putting together our designs. It was amazing to create our own works of art after learning about Roman mosaics as part of our history topic.