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Laira Green Primary

Fireflies Year 1

Welcome to Fireflies class. Our staff are Mr Jane and Mrs King. If you would like to talk to us we are friendly and approachable, and one of us will be on the playground on Monday and Wednesday mornings, as well every afternoon.

The children have settled in well and have learnt so much already this term. The learning in class is supported by the five Building Learning Powers. We have been encouraging the children to be resourceful (busy bee), reflective (wise owl), resilient (tough tortoise), have good relationships (team ant) and be respectful to each other - linking to our school motto: Respect, Believe, Achieve!

Our long term plan for the year can be found here.

Games to play at home:


Allotment visit - November 2017

We visited the school allotment and looked at plants at the end of the growing season. We discovered some plants were still growing and in our polytunnel like chilli peppers and aubergines. We collected some samples and took them back to school to draw and write about. 

Spring Term 2018

Here is our leaflet listing what we will be learning about this term. There are three home learning tasks for you to choose from. We look forward to seeing what you create! Spring Term 2018 Leaflet

Balance Ability - January 2018

During the first Spring term we had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike with the Bikeability team! We learnt how to balance our bodies and become more agile before getting on a bike. Then we learnt to ride a balance bike; practising stopping and cornering before finally riding a bike with pedals. There were lots of fun activities all week and the children thoroughly enjoyed the week. 

[Photos to follow]

Maths - February 2018

We have been learning about multiplication and using our knowledge of counting in 2, 5 and 10 to help us. We enjoyed doing BIG maths in the playground to make large groups. We made 8 groups of 2 and counted in twos to find out how many there were altogether. We have also been practising our addition and subtraction facts and learning our number bonds to 20. 

If your child would like to further their depth of learning in maths they can try some of the enrichment activities from the NCETM booklet: NCETM Y1 Mastery Booklet