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Laira Green Primary

Dragonflies Year 2

Miss Bishop and Mrs Stevenson would like to welcome you to Dragonflies class! This year, our wonderful Dragonflies have been developing our love of writing, our problem solving and creative skills across a range of topics. Through this, we have been learning about changes in living history, in which we have been investigating mysterious inventions such as the cassette player and video tape! Dragonflies have been exploring inventions and their inventors from the past 100 years and have approached their learning with a fantastic, inquisitive attitude! 

It is brilliant to see the progress that they have made already this year. We have been using our learning powers throughout our learning to become resilient, 'tough tortoises' and working together as 'team ant'. We hope that you enjoy reading about our learning and looking at the photos of our work!


Spring Maths

We have been very resourceful bees in maths this week! We have been solving multiplication and division problems by finding groups and sharing. Now we are beginning to look at finding fractions too.


 Learning about Christingle

As part of our RE, we have been learning about Christingles. Please have a look at our powerpoint to read about our learning and see the pictures of us making them.